SNAPS is a small New York City startup that has patented a whole new accessory category. We designed a new way for people to show off their passions and their style- allowing you to stand out from the crowd while connecting with your tribe. Snaps amp up hats, taking advantage of the naked strap on the back of a snapback to add a message, an allegiance, or just some extra to your look.

Meet the people behind the curtain:


Matt: CEO

Matt Eldridge CEO

Matt is originally from Nova Scotia, Canada and is now proud to call NYC his home. Though he never graduated high school, Matt started out with a successful real estate franchise business and started his serial entrepreneurship by acquiring the first medical marijuana license in Canada. Most of his career has been focused on building and spinning off several successful tech businesses throughout his journey, applying the lessons learned (as he puts it) as he moves forward. Growing up in a small, tight family that included a lot of foster kids, Matt leads our team by example and with passion and compassion. When not thinking of new ways to disrupt industries, you’ll probably find Matt on the golf course, in the water, playing hockey, getting tattooed, getting perspective and when possible: straight chillin.


Luis: Creative Director

Luis Brualla

Luis is an award-winning designer with background in architecture and product design. Hardened in fast-paced environments leading multi-million-dollar projects for global corporations, Luis decided to change course in 2013. He started building and collaborating on independent ventures where he could better express his edge while helping new companies establish themselves through disciplined output and process. His ingenuity manifests in his hobbies as well as his work- from comics in the 80s (reading and drawing) to skating and breakdancing in the 90s. Since, he’s added inventive tech, graffiti, music, and food to his many creative outlets. Fiercely private and intensely focused, Luis lives in Madrid with his family.


MC: Sales & Licensing

MC Girard Jones Sales

Marie-Cecile, a.k.a MC, hails from France. She is a 20-year veteran of the Licensing industry, developing Consumer Products programs for leading Entertainment companies in Europe, the US and Latin America (NBA, Marvel, Sesame Street, and CBS). She is a life-long dancer and basketball fan who used to combine both passions by choreographing half-time shows for professional basketball teams, as well as a self-avowed geek - an unrepentant Potterhead & Trekkie. She loves nothing more than going to the beach and has a particular fondness for the French Riviera and St John's USVA. She lives in Brooklyn, with her husband, her daughter and their 3 cats.


Sydney: Social Media

Sydney Bakich Social Media

Sydney heads all social media, ambassador and influencer programs, and content production. She is also one of the Founders of Snaps. For the last 8 years she has been working on the other side of the camera as a model and actor. Having had a strong desire to launch a product of her own, when the spark of the Snaps idea was born she jumped all in. In addition to creating for Snaps, she still loves performing in film and on stage in NYC. In her free time can catch her quoting The Office, dancing like a fool, and taking care of her pride and joy (AKA her plants).


Zach: Business Development

Zach Dallaire Business Development

Zach leads Biz Dev for SNAPS, looking for new and interesting ways to form partnerships that will take SNAPS in fresh and innovative directions. Zach’s past lives include the beer industry and custom Italian suiting. Incredibly tenacious, he’s completed an Ironman and several marathons. Part of our Canadian contingency, Zach is East-Coast Canadian and fluent in French. He is passionate about golf, cycling, playing guitar and piano, travel, and above all: coffee.


Jason: Supply Chain

Jason Gregoire Supply Chain

Originally from New Brunswick, Canada, Jason lived in Asia for a decade and a half. His 15 years of experience in supply chain management plus his fluency in Mandarin, French and English, means SNAPS production is in incredibly good hands.  A real audiophile, If you heard him speak you might recognize his voice from his late-night radio show “Los Medianoches” that showcased his love for old-school hip hop, warp records and experimental electronica. The most reserved member of our team, the father of three sons likes to spend his spare time mountain biking, playing beach volleyball or catching up on the latest in quantum theory.


Donna: Marketing

Donna Bruschi Marketing

Donna has 20 years’ experience in marketing consumer products globally, having worked on everything from apparel to alcohol for a wide array of brands from Sesame Street to Breaking Bad. She once brokered a partnership with the Chinese government and got an incredible communist propaganda statue as a takeaway. Figuring out what motivates people fascinates and drives her. A very proud New York native and diehard Mets fan, she’s a champion of the constant underdog. Donna’s also an unapologetic nerd, living for movies and books about Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Biological Anthropology. The only thing she loves more is solo travel around the world.