Snaps stand out. The slide over the strap on your snapback and add a unique flair to your outfit. Fashion is all about the little touches, the details that make your look your own. Whether you want to support your favorite NBA team or just want a dope piece to dress up your hat, Snaps are unique accessories that show off your style.

Who We Are

We are all constantly revealing ourselves. Everything we say, every outfit we wear, everything we create and put out in the world communicates who we are and helps make connections that are important to each of us. Each subtle accent or deep cut - the details make our stories uniquely our own.

SNAPS exists to make a thoroughly original product that gives each of us a new way to show off what we love and connect with and the things we are passionate about.

We all tell stories every day. You tell your story; we’ll provide the details.

SNAPS. Details matter.